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17 September 2017



This is my hair. It was so much longer before I cut it myself the other day. It’s also very thick. I personally don’t like it this thick, but people always tell me I’m lucky to have it. I guess, I am. It keeps me warm during the winter and it hides my face whenever I’m avoiding someone. It has always been the colour black all my life, and puffs up whenever I run the brush through it.

20 August 2017


You know those moments when you didn't really expect anything from a place, but then it hit you right in the face with how beautiful it was. That's how I felt as I set foot here. Regardless of the props and stage set up, I still had to wrap my head around the fact that I was standing on a theatre. A theatre seated on the coastline, where the audience bring blankets to keep warm and pillows to sit on. Sadly, I wasn't one of those who watched the play later that day, but I wish I was. At least now I have the perfect reason to come back. 

7 June 2017


Hey there! Long time, no see and it's so great to be back! I feel like I have to address that I have been MIA lately, and it's all because life got in the way. Meaning, my last year in uni was a killer! But more of that later. Having said that, as you might've guessed (or not), I am graduating soon!!!! This July to be exact. I am happy and excited and scared all at the same time. It's a cocktail of emotions, really. It hasn't hit me completely yet, but I know adulthood is coming... fast. 

28 February 2017


I was kind of dragged to go to into this gallery by my friend, but I still gladly went because it was by Burberry. What I didn't know was it also showcased sculptures by Henry Moore that complemented all the pretty clothes. I have to be honest though, I felt so uncool when I came into this event. Majority of the people who went looked so cool (translation: fashionable and unique and not your basic b*tches). I wanted to take pictures of them to show you but I didn't want to look like a creep. One thing is for sure though is that I felt so inspired after. That creative trip to the gallery sparked something in my brain that I really needed. Also, I felt so inspired to up my fashion game. After I've seen all those people dressed so well in an unconventional manner made me want to do the same. After all fashion is a form of self expression, right?

After the gallery, we walked through London's horrible stormy weather to get to Lao Cafe where they served Thai food. I was so stuffed after, I just wanted to go to sleep. Which in other words, the food was really really good.

5 February 2017


These are my favourite shots from the Christian union formal dinner! It was a lovely evening seeing everyone dressed up. Not too shabby at all. The event was part of the whole week discussing where to find true happiness. In which, I'm sure all of us have different beliefs on what true happiness is and where to find it. But let me just tell you of someone who gives you unconditional love, mercy and grace - Jesus. He who died on the cross for you, because he loves you. Knowing this makes me happy in a way that I am secure of who I am. I know I have a Father who welcomes me back home every time I run away and turn my back. Who created the whole universe and still thinks of me. 

What is true happiness for you? 

31 January 2017


This is a photodiary showing the streets of London taken with Fujifilm XT10. It was a perfect sunny day, a great contrast on what it's usually like. I wandered around with a camera on my hand and went from Trafalgar square to Chinatown to Leicester Square. 

24 January 2017


I joined the mirrorless camera family! I scraped off my savings account to buy a new Fujifilm XT10 camera. I chose it mainly because it's much more affordable compared to other top mirrorless cameras, and the reviews are nothing but great. Maybe if my skills get better and I save enough again, I'd buy the Sony a7 mark II next, which is the camera I also really want. But so far, I'm really happy with my Fuji. Broke, but happy. 

16 January 2017


I had a late birthday treat for my 22nd last December. Mostly because a lot of uni work was on the way but also pay day hasn't arrived yet. When I finally had a chance, I booked a fancy dinner at London's Sky garden. It was originally supposed to be a dinner for me and my best friend who is also a December baby. We were supposed to celebrate together, but she was plagued with flu all of a sudden and was too sick to function. I, however, couldn't cancel. Especially when not turning up will cost me £50. Might as well go and have a great experience, instead of paying all that money for nothing. So, my sister was my back-up plan.