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16 November 2017


Dear Audrey, 

Hi, it's been a long time. How are you? 
That's a really silly question to ask. I'm sure you're perfect up there. 

I miss you. I miss my best friend. 

3 November 2017


This is an overdue post but here it is. A dump of iPhone photos from this summer's music festival. Was definitely happy to see Bastille live <3

14 October 2017


This is a long overdue post. More than a year late to be exact. I didn't realise that last year was such a busy year that I even had no time for editing and putting together photos in a blog post. But here it is. The very last part of our summer holiday last year at Cornwall. 

The UK has a bad reputation when it comes to weather and summer. But I hope that these series of posts will serve as evidence to you that the British summer is not all bad. You just have to know where to go, and Cornwall should be on top of the list. These are some of the places we went to while road tripping this part of the countryside. I hope you get some ideas and get exploring.

30 September 2017


Just like many other first times, this one has got to be documented. I have finally been able to live out my childhood dream at 22. I've always heard people say that Disneyland is the best and the happiest place on earth. I may have believed it when I was 7, but I didn't really believe it then when we were on the Eurostar en route to Disneyland last October. Don't get me wrong, I was super excited for the trip. I just didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Disneyland must have casted a spell as soon as I walked through those gates, because I was running and dancing like a child. Squealed when I saw a Princess and got a bit emotional during the lights show.  Despite the long queues and super over priced food, it was magical.

17 September 2017



This is my hair. It was so much longer before I cut it myself the other day. It’s also very thick. I personally don’t like it this thick, but people always tell me I’m lucky to have it. I guess, I am. It keeps me warm during the winter and it hides my face whenever I’m avoiding someone. It has always been the colour black all my life, and puffs up whenever I run the brush through it.

20 August 2017


You know those moments when you didn't really expect anything from a place, but then it hit you right in the face with how beautiful it was. That's how I felt as I set foot here. Regardless of the props and stage set up, I still had to wrap my head around the fact that I was standing on a theatre. A theatre seated on the coastline, where the audience bring blankets to keep warm and pillows to sit on. Sadly, I wasn't one of those who watched the play later that day, but I wish I was. At least now I have the perfect reason to come back. 

7 June 2017


Hey there! Long time, no see and it's so great to be back! I feel like I have to address that I have been MIA lately, and it's all because life got in the way. Meaning, my last year in uni was a killer! But more of that later. Having said that, as you might've guessed (or not), I am graduating soon!!!! This July to be exact. I am happy and excited and scared all at the same time. It's a cocktail of emotions, really. It hasn't hit me completely yet, but I know adulthood is coming... fast.