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24 September 2016


I didn't really intend to do this haul, but as I was sorting out my makeup I realised I've collected quite a number of NYX products already. NYX only recently came to the UK, so as soon as they opened I was so excited to have a look at their counter. Also because it's a "new" brand readily available at the drugstore, I gravitated to it more and kept coming back. I JUST WANT TO TRY THEM ALL!!! I must say though, their lip products are my favourite. 

14 September 2016


 My very first job was at a fastfood and I stayed there for almost 2 years (because the store manager didn't want to let me go haha). Now that I got out of it finally, I get to write this!! I had fun reminiscing.

1 September 2016


After we climbed Arthur's seat, we still had the rest of the beautiful sunny day to wander around. My friend and I's motto was: there's no time to waste. As we walked around some more, got lost, looked around shops, we stumbled upon the Scott monument. It looked majestic. I loved how it was gothic and old, and even better, we got to climb it. After 246 steps, we reached the top and we had a pretty good bird's eye view from up there. I fell more in love with the city.

26 August 2016


I am a very anxious person, and being an over thinker plays a big part why. I get anxious being in social situations, speaking in lectures, being disorganised and not planning ahead... even answering phone calls! When I was very young, I would always want to be on time, if not early for school because I was so afraid to be late. I hated the idea of saying "I'm sorry, I'm late" in front of the teacher and the whole class. Now I worry, what the hell am I going to do after this degree? When I presented my research idea in front of lecturers last semester, I almost shat my pants. I was that nervous. There are bad days when I get anxious for the littlest reasons it's ridiculous. 

22 August 2016


I'm back from our family holiday!!!!! I feel amazing! Now that I am reunited with my laptop and unlimited access to the internet, I think it's just appropriate to get back to the blogging grind by writing a list of things that make me happy recently. Here we go :)

20 August 2016


Arthur's seat is the highest point in Scotland. You can pin point it right away coming into the city in the tram. My friend being Nepalese, known for their mountain climbing skills; and I being adventurous enough to be excited to trek, we both decided that we need to climb Arthur's seat. It's not very high because it didn't take us long to climb, but I tell you this: the way to the top is steep. Wearing only my converse, we fought gravity all the way to the top. An hour later, we made it and our legs were strained; but instantly forgot about it when we saw the view from above. Beautiful.

31 July 2016


"Let's make memories" my bestfriend, Hinu, told me. So even though I don't have much money in my bank account, I started searching for flights, hotels and a new city to explore. We were looking through anywhere in Europe, and slightly leaning towards Paris or Italy. Along the way, I realised I don't have enough resources even for just a 3 day trip. We kind of settled for Scotland which would be hassle free especially for me because it's within the UK and I won't be needing to apply for a tourist visa. I booked an airbnb especially because it's a cheap option, booked a flight and we were off.