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29 December 2013

Don't know what my name is anymore

Hi, my name is Chrizzia Cindar Binas. As you were reading, you might've struggled with how to read my first name (unless you know me already). That's okay, you're not alone. I don't know what my parents were thinking while they were deciding what to name me. All I know is they wanted it to be unique. I think CHRIZZIA is the most creative they can get, and they sure made it "unique" by making the spelling so complicated. (Don't even make me get started on my second name *sigh*)

I was one of those people who can never find their name printed on key chains for souvenirs or those people who had to change their name when ordering at Starbucks to save the time of trying to spell it out to the barista. (I go for the name Grace most of the time haha!)

(KRI-SHA) that's how my name is pronounced... originally. But since I transferred here in London, it's a whole different story. People just couldn't  say my name right. I think it's the British accent, or maybe my name is too Asian or it's the spelling... I don't even know. I started to realise that people struggle to pronounce my name when teachers had to pause for literally 2 minutes trying to figure out how to say my name so they can call it out during registration and another 2 minutes with me trying to correct it.

Different people say my name in different ways..

It went from (KREE-ZEE-YA)

to (KREE-ZA)


to (KRI-SA)

When I started working it went from..

**ch = how you say 'ch' in church**


to (CHI-ZA)


and the best one...



  1. The best of all is CHORIZO. HAHAHA :))
    Oh well! Just thank God you have a name, a beautiful name. ♥