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2 February 2014

Travelling Alone

Last January 13, I travelled alone from London to Manila (and back again), for the FIRST TIME. I sure was nervous, excited, and happy (yay! for independence) all at the same time. Instead of narrating what happened to me throughout the flight and travel, here are the the lessons and realisations I've learned from this little adventure.

1. Check how much your baggage weighs before checking in. Or be willing to leave behind some important things e.g body lotion, chocolates to give to people aka pasalubong 

2. Bring your own bottle of water and moisturiser. 14 hours on the plane will suck up all the moisture in your face

3. Don't talk to strangers and trust so easily. Unless you need a bellhop haha!

4. Bring a pen. Immigration will ask for those forms given out in the plane

5. When you don't know where to go, follow the crowd. Half true. I did this when I arrived at NAIA. I was kinda lost to be honest.

6. Driving in the Philippines can give you a heart attack.

7. Plan your visit. So you can meet with everyone you missed

8. Have a list of food to eat. I'm still gutted that I wasn't able to eat isaw and ensaymada :(

9. Bring a proper digital camera. So you can document all happenings and brag about it on Facebook or instagram. Just kidding!

10. Make sure you have a phone that will work in that country you're going to. 

11. Stay for longer.