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6 March 2014


When you expect too much from someone. Expect them to know what you're really feeling behind that smile so they can comfort you without asking. When you expect them to surprise you out of nowhere just so you can feel special. When you want them to make you laugh when you're feeling down and know what you are thinking of. When you expect someone to understand you and take care of you. You want them to buy you coffee in the morning, and notice how good your outfit looks. You want them to tell you how beautiful you look even in the most unflattering moments. When you expect something in return from someone, like the love you've been giving them.  These people you expect so much from are people who mean a lot to you and maybe you want them to do something substantial so they can remain the most valuable people in your life. The thing is, they did not ask you to expect that much from them. You don't have the right to do such thing because you are not their responsibility, and you shouldn't place your happiness in someone else anyway. The thing is, they are also human like you who are not perfect and can't satisfy your every expectation, they are not mind readers either. Sometimes, it's just better not to expect and let yourself be surprised.

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