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9 March 2014

Worth waiting for

I bought some combat boots at full price some time ago. When I came back to the mall the next week, I saw my boots on 30% off. If I just waited, I could have saved money. Waiting is something that I have to learn to do. I hate waiting; I don't have patience that long. I want things to be instant, quick so I can have them right away. For example, I wanted to get a job immediately. So I kept my hopes really high to get into the job I first submitted my application to. What I didn't know was it takes time to find a job whether you are fully qualified or not, but I was very impatient so I got really disappointed when I didn't get accepted. I learned it the hard way and eventually, I got hired. "See, it will happen you just have to wait", I was telling myself. I guess I also have to learn to really trust God with his plans for me knowing He made everything beautiful in His time.

So now, I am trying hard to keep my pace. Enjoy life as it passes by and not be so in a hurry with everything because the best things in life are worth waiting for. 

Here's a list of events I am anticipating in the following months.

- Pass my driving test
- Pass my IELTS exam
- First year at uni
- Get a new job
- Get a student loan
- Have a mac book

Good things come to those who wait, right? :)


  1. I follow your Instagram but it never occurred to me that you have a blog! So sad I've been missing out on detailed posts! You've got a new blog reader in me little lady. xo

  2. aaaawww thank youuu :""> you made my day!!! Do you also have a blog I can follow?? :)