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14 April 2014


So, we ended our Saturday by going to the funfair.

 They bumped cars, I took pictures.

We didn't really try every ride, but the one ride called "freak out" LITERALLY freaked me out. It scared the life out of me. I'm not even kidding. It's that ride in the picture below. Yes I know what you're thinking "it doesn't look that scary". I dare you to see for yourself. Haha! I've tried many rides before but this one has got to top the list of the scariest rides.

I was so scared I was thinking of the worst case scenarios. Like, the person in control might have fallen asleep and we're gonna die by the nonstop movement of the ride. Or he's a psycho trying to kill us by making the ride move up higher and higher. I thought I was gonna pee myself, or vomit. 

 Here, we just pretended we were not very queasy after the ride.

And of course, we grabbed something to eat. The classic jumbo hotdog. 

Happy saturday :)

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