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5 April 2014


As life goes on, I discover more of myself. Lately, I have discovered things that didn't really bug me before but now annoy me so much. Please allow me to vent out a little. They say it's a good thing not to bottle it up.

Things that annoy me...

 No. 1: People who order/talk to you while they are on their phone. RUDE. Just rude.

2. Slow people. Physically and mentally. Enough said.

3. When you're going to be late for work and the bus doesn't come on time.

4. People who post selfies every single day (with the same angle)

5. Fussy people. Example, those who order a big mac burger with JUST the meat and bun, nothing else.

6. Your iPhone battery that only lasts less than half a day

7. When you come home tired and find out dinner's not cooked yet.

8. People with bad breath/ body odor. WORST. THING. EVER.

9. England's weather.

10. Fake, small talks

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