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3 May 2014



What is fun to you? For me, it's waking up early in the morning and watch the sunrise with a cup of hot chocolate. It's having dinner with the whole family, and staying up late with your cousins forcing each other to tell their secrets. Fun is having a road trip to the beach with your best friends and pig out to your heart's content. It's talking to someone you love over the phone for hours telling stories that never seem to run out. It's playing with your baby cousin, laughing at your dad's corny jokes. It's watching a movie and chill in a cafe with your favorite cup of frappucino. Fun is visiting new cities, discovering new places and immersing yourself with new cultures. It is going to the amusement park and trying out the scariest rides, playing in the rain and going to concerts of your favorite bands. Fun is having sleepless nights with your friends because you stayed awake to watch your favorite series. It's reading books that makes you feel like you've lived a thousand lives. It's dancing to your favorite music, feeling the sand in your toes and baking a cake for your mother's birthday. It's dressing up to see a boy you like. Fun is surprising someone on their special day, seeing the fireworks, and creating something from scratch. These make me so happy that you can't call it just "fun" anymore.

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