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16 May 2014


Yay for new books! or journals? Well, I've been looking for something creative to do lately and I stumbled on these on Amazon. Can I just say how much I love Amazon, you can buy everything there and get a bargain. Beat that. Basically, Wreck this Journal and Mess both have the same concept wherein it will make you use your creativity, and do things you are restraining yourself not to do on a daily, "normal" basis. For example, it encourages you to make a mess and make mistakes.So far, I am having so much fun doing every activity. It's an outlet for my repressed non-perfectionist self. I realised I don't have to be perfect and do everything based on rules and standards; because I can express myself however I want. Okay, I didn't mean to be so deep. I think I'll end it here before I get so dramatic.

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