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15 July 2014

July eight twentyfourteen

Have you had moments when you wake up and just feel like doing something new that day? Well, my sister and I definitely had one of those days. We just suddenly decided to hop on a train to Waterloo, and climb the O2 arena. And we did!! It was a new experience, although it wasn't the most challenging to climb,  it was still satisfying to have reached the top and overlook a different side of London. It was something new you know, something that will add to our list of experiences and things we've done. Making the most out of life, as they say.

All the physical activity that morning left our tummies grumbling for food. We took the tube to Stratford Westfield and ate to our heart's content. It consisted of pizza and milk tea. After we've satisfied our hunger, we had to satisfy our retail therapy needs. Mind you, everything was on sale. Haha!

We were about to go home, and were figuring out which tube to take to get to Waterloo the quickest when we came across Notting Hill Gate station. "Ooh, I've watched that movie" "That's just a couple of stops away", "we've got time, let's go visit the place!" Yeap, that was our train of thought. And we did!! We got there hoping we could see some landmarks that was in the movie but unfortunately we haven't seen any. The rain and our feet forbid us to because we could no longer walk to get us to the main road where the movie was shot. Though, it wasn't a waste. We had a glimpse of how Notting Hill is like, and it has the cutest vintage/retro shops. Everything in that town felt like it was trapped in the olden times while everything else moved on to modern times.

In the end, it was a good day. Just one of the many more wandering around adventures to come.