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1 August 2014

Photodiary: Cornwall Day 1 (28.07.2014)

Summer, (according to my family) means going on a roadtrip. This year's destination: Cornwall. It's a five hour drive from home to there. You might think it's such a drag or it's boring or it's too tiring, but with a crazy family like ours, you will never get bored even if it's a 10 hour drive. There's a lot of screaming, singing, laughing, getting lost and fighting along the way. Fun, right? 

It was gloomy and raining when we got to Cornwall but it didn't stop us from wandering around. There was no time to waste. (mainly because of the very reason that we're only staying there for four days. Had to make the most out of it. haha!) We had breakfast at the beach first. Picture's not included because it was raining hard and too cold to step out the car and snap a pretty picture. 

After we fueled our bodies with some bread and eggs, our first stop was Trerice House. (Thank God, the weather was better) I particulary like visiting these kinds of places and see the houses of important people before or where the Tudors lived or whatever. Sorry, I'm not really very good with history, but I do appreciate these houses and the history that lives in it. I just wish I paid more attention in history class so I know better.

The second place we went to was the Pendennis Castle, which was on top of a cliff. We saw canons and the beautiful view of the coast. Makes you wonder how it was like during the war. To end our first day in Cornwall, of course, we had to visit the beach. Nothing beats the sound of ocean waves.

It was a fulfilling and satisfying first day. We settled in the lodge, and we all went straight to bed planning to watch the sunrise at the beach the next day.