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4 August 2014

Photodiary: Cornwall Day 2 (29.07.2014)

We were up early that day, although we missed the sunrise. We went straight to Crantock beach and little did we know that Crantock was extremely beautiful. We were aiming to go to the sandy beach but instead we got to the other side where the rocky shores were. We followed the trail from the rocky shore, up the cliffs and to the sandy beach. The scenery was so breathtaking we didn't even reach the beach because we had to stop every second to absorb (and take pictures) of what we were seeing. We took so long in Crantock that we had to cut our trek to the beach short and head over to our next destination, the Tintagel Castle.

We thought we've already seen enough scenery and beauty of nature. But there was more. Tintagel had sooo much more. Tintagel Castle is said to be the birth place of King Arthur. Now, it's up to you whether you believe legends or not but I tell you, the place was surreal. We had to climb up the mountain to see the ruins of the castle. The whole time we were going up the steps, there was so much to see that our eyes and brains could not contain and we did not even realise we already climbed up a very high mountain! Talk about distraction. We were literally going "oooohh! aaahhh!" while we were standing at the edge of the cliff looking down on nature. Beautiful nature. Every side we looked, it was amazing. In fact, amazing is an understatement. Sadly, we couldn't stay at the top of that mountain forever and we could only take enough photographs but we still had to go down that mountain. So long, Tintagel. We would definitely come back.

Next destination for the day was Antony House. Just a little trivia, this was where Alice In Wonderland (2010) was filmed. Pretty cool eh? Antony House wasn't the richest and grandest house that we've seen but its simplicity was what made it beautiful. Plus, I love everything vintage. The house had a massive and beautiful garden too. Though unfortunately, I didn't see the rabbit in a waistcoat.

At the end of the day, I'm sure we were all feeling overwhelmed. We finally reached the sandy beach of Crantock and just stared at the ocean. I guess, that's how we reflect now. We saw so much beauty and I realised how breathtaking nature is. It made me think about the Creator of everything I witnessed and can't help but praise Him.

Crantock Beach (above)

Tintagel Castle

Antony House (above)

Crantock Beach (above)