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27 August 2014

Photodiary: Cornwall Day 3 (30.07.2014)

Our Cornwall Roadtrip Day 3! After we spent the whole day at the beach that morning, we headed straight to St. Michael's mount. Can we just take a moment to absorb how magical this place is... Wow, right? I never thought these kind of places ever existed. It looked like it was taken straight out from  fairy tale books. In fact, there is a legend that the mount was believed to be where a cruel giant was locked away to stop terrorizing the town people. 

We went by foot to cross and get to the mount. We hiked it to reach the top and get into the castle. I would have to say, it wasn't an easy hike, but the scenery was all worth it. I mean, I'll let the photos do the talking. After all the walking, and drooling over the view, it was time to go back down and set our feet on mainland. To our surprise, the foot path back to the other side was swallowed by the sea and we were surrounded by water. No way out but ride the boats. Unless we swam across. No thank you. Haha! We did not leave the mount completely just yet. We stayed on the most beautiful bay just across it and watched the sun set.