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3 September 2014

Telling myself off

Stop. Chrizzia, just stop.  You have to quit looking at other people and keep comparing your self to them. Why do you think you have to compete with every pretty girl anyway? Just because they are wearing a very nice outfit doesn't mean you have to "out wear" them and pressure your self to come up with a better ensemble of clothes. Comparing makes you jealous and hinders you from seeing what you have and make you feel you're lacking. Those instagram photos, facebook posts and tweets are just snippets of someone's life. Those people whose lives you think are perfect, just because all they let people see are the good things happening in their life, are not perfect. Everyone has their own struggles. So don't ever think that you want a life like theirs. It doesn't even matter if they have more money, or they are prettier or more famous; because that doesn't make them better than you or happier than you. Life is what you make of it. So stop frustrating yourself as to why you're this and not that, why don't you look like her or have clothes like her. Be your own kind of beautiful. Do what you love, and express yourself in your own way. Start learning to be comfortable in your own skin, (maybe go to the gym more often haha!) and just don't give a damn sometimes. It's alright to find inspiration from other people. In fact, that's great! But don't ever measure your worth based on the standards of this world. You are far more precious than rubies and gold. Quit feeling so little and hold your head up high. You belong to the creator of the skies who loves you with an unconditional love. You are not lacking, you are beautiful in your own way.

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  1. That picture is stunning!
    Antonella :)