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10 September 2014

Confessions of a new driver

Let's get real here. It is not easy to learn how to drive a stick shift car and pass your test and get your license. Well for me it wasn't. Because you know what, I was third time lucky. Or should I say blessed? Yeap, blessed. And yeap, I failed my test TWICE. Worst experiences of my life. Let me tell you, it wasn't as easy as exams in school where you can just retake and that's it. Retaking your practical driving test requires all your motivation, emotions, money, and all your guts to suck it up and be brave hoping you pass the test the next time. I can't even stress how stressful it was. When I first failed, it took me months to gather up my courage and book another test. But then I failed again. It took me a double amount of months to gather up the courage (that seemed to be not there anymore) to try one more time. And then, finally!!!!! I passed just a month ago!

Now if you're curious I'll tell you why I failed the first two. Please learn from my mistakes. The first time I failed was because I lacked observation. I was doing a 3-point turn in a very busy road when I started to notice that there were a pile of cars waiting for me to finish my manoeuvre. I was blocking both sides of the road and then... my mind just went blank. I panicked and rushed reversing and forgot to do my observations. "I'm very sorry but you failed" the examiner said after the test. The second time around, I was driving too close to the parked cars on the road. I was a hazard. "I'm very sorry but you failed". I know, they were very silly mistakes. Face palm. I booked the test for the third time. With all the money I've spent, and the time I invested in learning, I couldn't afford to fail one more time. With all the past experiences in taking the test, I learned to ignore how mean the examiners were, to be relaxed but focused and follow the road signs. I picked my almost non-existent self esteem (when it comes to driving) up and did it. I guess, it all paid off. "Congratulations, you passed."  


IT WAS PURE BLISS. I've never felt so happy. 

I had all these fantasies of going on a road trip once I get my license. But boy, I was sooo wrong. Just because you had your license it doesn't mean you're instantly an expert driver and everything is going to be a smooth ride. NO.  I struggled on my first weeks driving alone. Roundabouts are the  worst. Not to mention, bay parking. To be honest, it takes me longer to do a bay park than to drive to my actual destination. Once, I scratched a car. Oops, I'm so sorry whoever owned that car. It wasn't a massive, unfix-able scratch, I promise. Also, I am learning not to take everything so personally when I'm driving. I used to think if someone overtakes me, I was very slow. But no, they just prefer to over speed. If someone honks at me, I learned to ignore it. 

I'm still in a learning process. Meaning I get lost, hesitate in a roundabout and I stall once in a while. But it's all good. It's getting easier.

Anyone up for a roadtrip?

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