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13 September 2014


On our way home from Cornwall, we couldn't miss stopping by Stonehenge. I mean come on, it's THE Stonehenge. I'm sure it has been everyone's desktop wallpaper before (okay, maybe just me). This site is so popular, so many people visit it. So you really have to book your tickets first. But I totally get why so many people wants to see it, because it's amazing. Just think how people from ages ago possibly built this structure without any machinery to move and lift the stones. Actually, it did take thousand of years to build it. Up until now, no one knows how they did it. With the help of aliens, maybe? What makes it more amazing is the mystery of why they built it. According to studies, it was for ritual purposes, and also said it was a graveyard. Well, that's a mystery we have yet to uncover. Or maybe not. I guess there's beauty in the mystery. But I am just glad I've witnessed this site. A tick to my bucket list!

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