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16 October 2014

Free Spirit

When I look around now, I see the same fairy lights twinkling in my room, the polaroid pictures on the wall and the pile of dirty clothes I wore within the week. Nothing extraordinary. I'm so used to the scene, even the mess feels comfortable. Sometimes I would think if there is more to life, can I do something else beyond the normal everyday routine. You see, I like life easy. That's why I stick to what's comfortable. I avoid things that induces fear to me, like meeting strangers or trying something I've never done before. I try to do things that I fully know and always... always make sure I know what will happen ahead of time. This is also why I always get attacked by anxiety when I am faced with an unfamiliar situation. I would rather say no to something, because it's more convenient and comfortable than to say yes. I remember my best friend telling me to stop being so passive.

I took these pictures when we were on a holiday last summer at Cornwall. It was my first time seeing a scenery like this. I was such in awe of the nature in front of my eyes and even more in awe of the Creator of all of it. All the amazement came with a realisation that there is more to life. There is more to see if I just get out of my comfort zone and explore places I have never been to. Trying something new comes with a new experience and another perspective to the million facets of life. Because I decided to get out of the house, drove to the coast, set aside my daily errands, I discovered this beautiful place in Cornwall. See, there is so much to see and so much beauty. I told myself. 

I realise I don't have to be stuck in this small world I am in now. I am free, and I can go places. I have to stop letting anxiety hinder me from doing things I desire to do. It is not about being comfortable anymore, but actually living. To actually say yes to opportunities, yes to new friends and yes to risks.

I am in this ongoing process where I live out all these realisations and lessons in my life. As of now, I just know that I am a free spirit. 

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

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  1. Oh my gosh! I follow you on IG forever and had no idea you blogged! So happy I found it!