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28 October 2014


Funny how we can immortalise something through photographs. Somehow, we can freeze time and capture moments and put it into something tangible. Something we can keep forever and take with us everywhere. Even though life goes on and everything changes, those people and places in the photographs never will. Every time we look at it, it's going to be the same smiles and the same place just how we remembered them to be. As if we never left that moment. Looking at photographs can bring us to a whirlwind of nostalgia and can remind us of the past, that we either want to revisit or hide away forever. It has the power to show us how we were like back then and how we have come so far. Whom we have cut out of our lives and who stayed. 

I guess we have this desire to keep records and memories of our lives so someday when we want to look back, we can say that we had a good life. Or have something to remind us of the happy times when we are too old to remember. Or maybe we take photographs for our children, grand children, and grand grand children to see. Because someday, we will be gone and photographs hold the moments of our lives, to somehow keep us alive for those we have left behind. 


  1. I absolutely agree with what you've written in here about photographs... They're good for reminiscing most of the time :) I love your blog! :D


    1. Thank youuu Regine!! :) Checking out your blog ;)