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14 November 2014

Thirteenth November

The day after Coleen's birthday!! I guess this was an extended celebration for adulthood? Yayy! All of us girlies or should I say ladies? spent the day out and about central London. With no definite plans, we found ourselves in a tube headed to London bridge. Walked around until our legs couldn't take it anymore, soaked up all the view (accompanied by a typical horrible English weather), and took pictures of course. 


We also visited Tower Hill where the memorial for soldiers was put up. There were literally millions of ceramic poppies all over the place. It was a beauty. 

We couldn't resist and had to do some shopping as well. On our way to the shops, we spotted these. What do you even call these people?! Are they even people? And how do they do it?? They were floating! 

I can't. I tried to analyse how they did it but failed.

On our way home!!!! Gosh, we were dead tired. 

But all was well. Thursday well spent. 


  1. Oooh your photos look amazing!! And I love London! :)