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14 December 2014


I can't believe I'm twenty!! Aaaahh!! I didn't have a grand party, and I celebrated my birthday in the most introverted way as possible. But I had an EPIPHANY. Now that I feel like an official "adult" I look back to my teen self... and I cringe. I realise how awkward I was and there are so many things I would tell my young, naive self. If it's ever possible to change the past and make myself less awkward, these are some advice I would tell young Chrizzia.
Number 1:

Do not be shy to talk to people first. Just a little tip, that's a good start to make friends.

2. It's okay to feel sad and show it to people. You don't have to bottle everything up. Showing people your emotions makes them see that you're real and human too.

3. Read more books.

4. Keep genuine people. Those people who stay with you through the best and worst, those who are not afraid to tell you off because they care. Keep them.

5. Good job on choosing your best friends. Those people will be a few of the best people you will meet.

6. Be brave. You want to be the lead role? Dance on stage? Sing? Speak out in class? Do it. Be spontaneous.

7. Fix your hair. 

8. Spend time with people. Go out and build memories with people. Once you move to London you'll miss that.

9. Stop avoiding things. Don't choose the easy way out. Face your fears, deal with conflicts and don't be afraid to step out from your comfort zone.

10. Do not push people away. Don't push away those people who show affection and care to you. Be friendly with everyone. Even boys. (I know you felt uncomfortable being close with boys before hahaha)

11. Stop worrying about the future. Although everything is going out of plan, trust me, it will work out in the end. Universities you applied for may reject you, but a university somewhere in London will accept you. Don't worry. 

12. Stop worrying about what people think. As cliche as it sounds, be yourself. The right people will see that beauty, and love you for who you are. Plus, pretentious people are the most annoying people. 

13. Say no. Just. Learn. To. Say. No. If someone's pressuring you to do something you don't want, say no. People telling you what to do? Say no. Be your own self. Don't let them dictate your actions.

14. Do what you love. Go dance your heart out. Go write everything going on your mind. Go travel.

15. You'll be okay. Smile young one. Better days are ahead of you. 

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