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22 February 2015

A day in the life

This is my friend, Hinu. She's from Nepal. But to be honest, she doesn't look any different from where I came from. Haha. We haven't seen each other for a while so we decided to go exploring around London. Yeap, that's how we bond. Chill, walk, talk, eat and talk some more. 

With no exact plans, we first went to Tower hill. Crossed London bridge and reached the other side where we visited Tate Modern. A massive, and gorgeous art museum. I'll be honest and say that I didn't get some of the artworks. But, most of it was beautiful. I got it, it was art. What caught my attention the most were the surrealist paintings and photography exhibitions. There were also children sitting on the floor of the museum, looking at the artworks and drawing them. I mean, how come I didn't do that as a child?? After Tate Modern, we went to Camden Town. It was my first time! There was something about Camden that was unsettling at first. I guess it was because it was an entirely different place. A different side of London, I would say. But as we continued to see more of Camden, I discovered small corners of it that was so interesting and unique. We had some Mexican street food to eat and before going home, we found this African bar and restaurant that was so cosy and different. We had some cocktails, and chilled some more. Then called it a day! 



  1. I'm curious, what camera do you use? I love the feel of your photos!

    1. I use canon 600d and Lightroom 5 to edit photos :)