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4 February 2015

Although the cold weather made me ill, I don't mind it giving me some snow. I took these pictures at my university because I had 3 hours to spare before my laboratory class.  Remind me next time to check my timetable so I don't just come in to uni too early and worse, too late. Maybe I should organise my self more actually. Haha. But the 3 hours of wait was worth it. I walked around the campus, it was so quiet and there was barely anyone around. There sure is a satisfaction on stepping on untouched snow and the sprinkle of white magic everywhere sure made everything look a little bit more beautiful. And fyi, do not underestimate the power of your camera phones because I took these with my iPhone and I'm so happy how the pictures turned out.

P.S. I should be doing my lab report as we speak. But I have no idea how to write it, so I procrastinate instead. Uh oh


  1. Well that's not good is it Chrizzia, you should've been doing your report well what the hey, I probably wasn't doing mine at the time either lol.... Really like your blog very creative and cool- to be fair i don't know how to use this thing :P still learning