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5 March 2015

A happy list

People would sometimes say that I am so pessimistic. And I would say, I'm just being realistic. Okay, okay. I am guilty of focusing on the bad at times. I am the type who would expect the worst, to not get disappointed, instead of being positive. But here it is!! A happy list acknowledging the positive things that make me genuinely happy lately.

1. SUNSHINE. It has been winter for months now and it feels sooo long. I'm feeling tired of the cold and having to wear so many layers of clothes. So I savour every moment the sun shines on my face and gives me that much needed warmth.

2. ALONE TIME. Whether it be my commute to and from university, or just me sitting down in a coffee shop.

3. 3 FOR 2 OFFER IN BOOTS. When Boots puts up their sale, it just means new make-up!! I'm all for drugstore make-up. Total bargaaaiin

4. NEW STATIONERY. New pens that glide on paper when I write, the smell of new notebooks, and a new block of post-it notes. New stationeries definitely motivate me to do some revision.

5. NEW HAIRCUT. I didn't cut my hair for a year, just imagine how long it got. It grew to the point where it became annoying and I didn't want to do anything with it but put it in a bun. I finally decided to cut it and my head feels so light. Figuratively and literally.

6. DISCOVERING BLOGS. I love discovering blogs whose writers feel so genuine and relatable. It makes me happy to find a blog where I can derive  lots of inspiration from. 

7. TEA. English. Tea. I have it everyday.

8. PAYDAY. Woohoooo!!!!!!

9. COOKING/ BAKING. I always used to think I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to cooking, but I'm still trying. 99% of the food I make doesn't taste any good. The process is fun though. Haha.

10. PLANNING HOLIDAYS. Nothing is more exciting than planning holidays and having something to look forward to for the year. Keeps me going. I'm excited!!

How about you? Tell me your happy list!!

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