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8 April 2015

Paris Trip Part 2

On our second day in Paris, the "Hop on Hop off" bus was our best friend. Just a little tip, if it's your first time in Paris, definitely get tickets for this tour bus as well. It will tour you around Paris and drop you off to most of the must see landmarks. In our case, we first hopped off at the Opera Garnier. Come, take a look with us inside the opera. And by the way, this opera house was where the Phantom of the Opera was inspired from. No wonder, this place was breathtaking.

If you've watched the movie Phantom of the Opera, this part of the opera would look very familiar. Yeap, the "Masquerade" scene was shot here. 

So here's our touristy pictures. I mean, the place was so grand I had to take loads of pictures. Not even sorry. Haha. 

And of course the chandelier. 

The Opera Garnier also has a library. It has a huge collection of musical documents, plays, literary manuscripts etc.

The next stop: The Louvre

It was quite impossible to be able to get in the Louvre (I'll see you maybe next time, Mona Lisa), because the queue was sooo long. I'm sure we had to wait almost the whole day just to get in. But it did not really matter because everything surrounding the pyramid was already satisfying enough. 


We were waiting for the bus at this time. Little did we know that the bus does not stop at where we were waiting. Oops. At least we got to take pictures? Haha! We had to run after the bus just to see where it would stop so we know where to catch it. While we were chasing the bus, we came across the Love lock bridge!! We did not have any locks with us but it wasn't hard to get hold of one because the vendors were everywhere. Haha. 

The view of the Seine River from the Ponts des Arts love lock bridge.

When we found the bridge, it was quite disappointing because they covered majority of the bridge to stop people from putting locks on. Apparently, the weight of the locks is destroying the bridge itself and the government wants to preserve the infrastructure. No doubt to this. Because as you can see, the locks were overloaded!! There was barely no space to put our locks on, some people even locked theirs on other locks. Crazy!! 

We placed our lock on the bridge where it wasn't covered and threw away the keys into the river. Never unlocking that lock (or should I say love) ever again.

After we visited the Love lock bridge, we grabbed some lunch on a nearby cafe. I swear, cafes are all over Paris. This time, lunch was genuinely French with French food and servers. Got to practice my "bonjour", "merci" and "se il vous plait". Which are the only french words I know. Hehe

"chriz, cheska, jelyn, yola, juna. March 30, 2015"

As we rode the bus to our next stop, we suddenly noticed there were other bridges that had locks on them. We got very confused. Then we found out that there was more than one love lock bridge. Because the original one, located on the Ponts des Arts (where we put our locks on) were covered and full, people have started putting locks on other bridges too! So if you want to do this "public display of affection", just pick a bridge you want basically. Haha.

That is Notre Dame from far away. I think you can guess what our next stop was. 

To be continued..

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