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29 May 2015


My aunt's friend invited us to visit the Netherlands where they live. How can you say no?! This is a photo diary showing off Amsterdam. I know Amsterdam has a reputation for being the "city of sin". Well, technically it is. Considering the fact that coffee shops not only serve coffee but some weed too, or the famous Red Lights District where girls are for sale. But as John Green said: "Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin."  And besides, those are just parts of what Amsterdam is. Can I just mention that Amsterdam is full of bicycles. Literally everyone is riding them to get to one destination and the other. If people weren't on bicycles, they would be on trams that dominated the streets. I barely saw any buses!! And of course, Amsterdam is a city of canals. Every street  has a canal along them where people can take a boat and sail away. Or just sit by the sidewalk overlooking the waters, soak up the sun or read a book. Which leads me to my first impression of the city: CHILL. I found everyone to be relaxed (maybe the weed? hahaha half kidding), laid back and friendly. Such a lovely place to be in.

We did ride a boat (10 euros) to cruise along the famous canals and see almost the whole of the city. The architecture of this city was surely unique and quirky. Made me want to live in those colourful houses! It is also a place for a lot of different museums, including the Van Gogh museum. After we explored Amsterdam by boat, we explored it by foot... Until midnight. We visited the site of Anne Frank's house where they used to hide during the world war, and the church nearby. We hung around the Dam Square, saw the Royal Palace, and just explored the streets around. There were so many places to eat!! and to shop!! 

As the night approached, I felt the city becoming more alive. As if it wasn't already alive during the day. As the dark came, the smell of weed became more apparent too. I'm telling you, it was everywhere. I actually think I got high just through the secondhand smoke hahaha! We also walked through the Red lights district just after midnight. We were thinking that we were already in the city, might as well see what it is all about. Oh  how curiosity can lead you to so many things. Basically, Red light district is made up of narrow streets with prostitutes displayed on the windows illuminated with.. well, red lights. Funny enough, there was a church along the district too, literally just across the windows. When we arrived there, I think we were too late. Almost everyone was taken (not that I was planning to shop one) because majority of the windows were shut and the lights were turned off. But there were still flocks of men walking around those narrow streets. Window shopping maybe?

We had time to sit down and relax for a while over a cup of coffee before we called it a day. More chance to observe Amsterdam's nightlife. Trams were still passing by, there were men in banana costumes, people buzzing... But despite all the crazy happening around, I still felt safe and at peace

Amsterdam, I'll definitely come back.

Come on, take a walk with me on the wild side...

Royal Palace

Dam Square

Across Anne Frank's house

Church of St. Nicholas

Just look how many bikes there are!!

House number 7 is the smallest house in the whole city

Crooked Houses

Rijks Museum


  1. I found your post and oh well I felt in love with your photo's.
    I live in the Netherlands but your view was new. I saw Amsterdam different but I love it how you brought the whole story.
    Good vibes and greets from Holland,

    1. You're from Holland!!! Amaaazing!! I loved Amsterdam and I'm glad you did too :)

  2. I posted a comment this morning (at least, I thought so), but since I can't see it here, I will write something for you again :)
    I'm a Dutchie too, and it's so nice to see how you explored our capital! I love your pictures and I hope you had fun!

    1. I had so much fun visiting!! I want to come back!!

  3. What stunning pictures!
    I'd love to visit Amsterdam one day :)
    Looks like yoiu had a really good time!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Thank you, Rachel :) You definitely should visit the city!

      Loving your blog <3