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5 May 2015

Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters


You made it at the end of the post!! Haha! It's a looot of pictures, I know. But who wouldn't take loads of photos when you're in a place like this?! I could not get tired of this sight. Burling Gap and the Seven sisters is a place in Eastbourne, South East England. 

Sometimes when it's a bank holiday, you just have to go somewhere and make the day worthwhile. I am so glad my family is now accustomed to these kinds of trips. Shoutout to my dad who's always willing to drive even on mountains and cliffs!! An hour's drive would always be worth it. Nature never fails to surprise me all the damn time. Which is why I would not stop exploring and going places. It gives me that temporary escape and be at peace, even though I am always struggling to absorb what my eyes are seeing. 

I hope you get inspired to get out of the house and maybe take pictures of the beauty around you as well. You don't really have to travel far away :)

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