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7 July 2015


As you can notice by now, we love going to the coast. No matter how many coasts we go to and see though, they never look the same. I'm still amazed every time. As we walked along the coastline, we can also view the coastline of France from afar. Pretty cool. Dover also had a castle we visited. It was a massive castle, soldiers used it during the second world war. We didn't really know that there was an event happening on the castle. We simply just wanted to see it, and when we knew there was one, it just made the experience even better. The event was commemorating the happenings and soldiers of World War II. There were reenactments of war and soldiers walking around the grounds of the castle. We were made to feel like we went back in time and the second world war was happening all over again. 

We went by car when we visited Dover. If you plan to visit by car too, be aware that the roads going here are steep and narrow. If you plan to walk through the trail along the cliffs, wear suitable shoes. Hiking shoes would be best. The paths are rocky, uneven and there are stairs you have to climb and go down. Prams are definitely a no no. I saw some people trying to push their prams through rocks and dirt. It's just not possible. Also bring water because if you go on a sunny day like we did, you will definitely need it. Also, sunblock. I had a burnt nose after this trip. 


Oh, and I found Merida from Brave.

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