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28 July 2015

Photodiary: Lake District part 1

It was a 5 hour and a half drive from the south to the north of England to get to the Lake District in the county of Cumbria with my family. Only to get there realising that we were lost and could not find the house we were staying in. We were surrounded by mountains and sheep at that time. There was no internet connection and there was weak phone signal so we resorted to a map and tried to figure out where we were. We all had something to eat from our packed lunches and rode the steam train to make the time worthwhile. The steam train was a 45 minute ride around the base of mountains and through forests. We also visited the ruins of the Roman bath house and walked around fields. Hoped to discover something or a phone signal at least. When we finally did get a phone signal, we received a text message from the owner of the house telling us detailed directions of where to go. We followed the directions that led us to a quaint farm house with an incredibly beautiful backyard and a massive field. We had cows as neighbours and we were living on top of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere. The view was amazing. We were away from civilisation, from main roads and everyone else. I loved it. We all did. 

It was barbecue night on our first night. 

The next day was when the true adventure started. We drove all the way from our house to the town of Ambleside. Yes, 'our house'. I'd like to think it was ours even just for that week. When we got there, we experienced the best of British weather. Rain. Wind. And more rain. No wonder there were a lot of shops selling outdoor clothing in the town centre of Ambleside. I needed a raincoat and for the rest of my family, something to keep them warm. We were not turned off by the weather and carried on with our itinerary for the day. Which was to do the trail up to Jenkins Crag. But first we had to have some fish and chips along Lake Windermere. Tummies were full and we were ready to do the trail. Little did we know that the trail involved more hiking than just walking. All the young ones in the family had to convince the old ones to go up until the end. And they did, even the little legs of my 2 year old cousin made it to the top. It was worth it. The view was beautiful. 

Yey for barbecue night!

Lake Windermere

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