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3 July 2015


I believe in kindness. I believe in having a heart. I believe in doing noble things. In respect, honesty, generosity and humility. Although everyone surrounding me seems to be acting the contrary, I strive to be different. I strive to not be hardened by difficult circumstances, not to conform to what's "normal" or to what other people are saying that I have to do. I know some people see kindness as weakness. I beg to differ. I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up to what you believe in. It takes courage to stick by your principles and do the right thing even though you're the only one in a sea of people who believes so. I think it takes a strong person to resist being changed by people wronging them. Those who choose to forgive than to revenge. I will adapt to difficult circumstances and be stronger, yes.  But I won't let this change my heart. My heart to care, respect and even love people. I just think it's so tiring and unfulfilling to be a bitch or a bully and make others a victim of your personal issues. I can't imagine how some people live feeling like everyone's against them, to be so defensive in everything, every time. To have no real friends because they're so mean or having no one trusting them because they're full of lies. I just think it's so tiring to be judging and gossiping about people all the time. How miserable it is to live life not loving and be loved in return.  
I also believe that too much of anything is bad. Meaning it is not wise to be too kind. I have seen a lot of people who became too kind and sacrificed their all to one person who just left them with nothing. I believe in balance. I believe in being kind but at the same time not too kind to allow others to take advantage of me. I believe in respect but I also believe in speaking out when I know my voice is being suppressed. I believe in humility but still say 'thank you' when others compliment me. I believe in generosity but I leave a little for myself. Balance.
I am not saying that I am perfect and I do the right thing all the time. In no way I am saying that I'm a saint. But I know there are still genuine and big hearted people out there who share the same thoughts as mine. Those who continuously strive to be a better person. Hi, let's be friends.

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