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19 August 2015

20 things to do on your spare time

Here's a basic (but most of the time overlooked/ underrated) list of distractions and things to do to make spare time worthwhile and productive. 

1. Clean your room 
2. Organise. Your wardrobe, hand bag, makeup storage, etc.
3. Do volunteer work. May it be anything for charity or help out in hospitals or shelters
4. Learn how to cook or cook something you haven't done before
5. Bake and share to others what you've made. I don't know anyone who would turn down a cupcake ;)
6. Pamper yourself. Give yourself a facial, manicure and pedicure. Even make your own facial scrub!
7. Get a part-time job.
8. Workout. 
9. Read a book. 
10. Watch a good movie. Horror movies will always sound good.
11. Catch up on some series. I have been saying I'd start on Game of Thrones but I haven't done it yet. Haha. I could not wait for the next season of How to Get Away with Murder though!!!
12. Cultivate your talents. For example: go outside and practice taking pictures, practice new dance routines, DIY some arts and crafts
13. Write down your thoughts in a journal. Good therapy, trust me.
14. Have a quiet time. A time to be alone with yourself, your thoughts and prayers.
15. Listen to new music and discover new artists
16. Learn another language
17. Have a long warm bath
18. Catch up with friends!
19. Take advantage of the sun by having a walk outside or a picnic.
20. Plan your week ahead.

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