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9 September 2015

Photodiary: Lake District Part 4

There was so much to do and so much to see during our week-long stay in Lake District. Although it is called Lake District, we managed to stumble upon a beach called St. Bee's. It was probably the most windy, cold, with the most jellyfish (but still gorgeous) beach I have been to. I think it was a good idea to stop over by the beach before we went home. 

On the next day, it was the perfect weather - sunny. So we went back to Coniston Water to have a second look because the first time we were there, the weather was the complete opposite. Instead of cruising around the lake, we went cycling. We hired bikes that came with helmets and made our way through roads and rocky trails and went round the edges of Coniston Water. We haven't ridden a bicycle in years, but turned out we still had the skills. I guess it's true what they say that you cannot forget how to ride a bicycle. I never thought that being able to do something you once enjoyed so much as a child, and ride along the most beautiful place, could feel so freeing. I felt so free when I rode my bike as fast as I can, went up and down the hills, wind blew on my face, and when we reached the end, it was a beautiful view of the lake.  After we cycled at Coniston water, we decided we just wanted to lie down, relax and enjoy the sun. Fell Foot park was the perfect place for it. We had some picnic, lay our blankets on the grass, slept, climbed trees and had ice cream. Perfect. 

We did the trail to Aira Force on our second to the last day. Aira Force was a waterfall. It wasn't a particularly difficult trail to the waterfall. I'm sure everyone at any age and fitness level can do it. In fact, I saw a lot of old people who climbed up and down the steps, sat down on the benches for a rest and continued on. I will say it again, the place was beautiful.

St. Bee's beach

Cycling at Coniston Water

Fell Foot park

Aira Force

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