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7 September 2015

Stationery Haul

Shopping for stationery and supplies will always excite me no matter how old I am. Especially because it makes going back to school and studying a little bit better. And really good stationery motivates me to study.  One thing I've noticed though, I've grown out of buying really fancy stationery. No more floral, glitter and cartoon designs. Instead,  I went for the plain black notebooks and the basic essentials (plus the neon sharpies that glow in the dark. Say whaaaat?!).   

I am so excited about these stationeries I've purchased. So excited I'm making a blog post out of it. 

I have this obsession with pens. I love them. I'd get one in every colour if possible. I love to add colour in my notes. Hence the colourful highlighters and neon sharpies in addition to the standard black ball point pens and pencils. I'd also use my colourful pens for doodling whenever I get bored of studying. And I doodle a lot. 

For something to write on during lectures and take notes, I opted for these plain black notebooks with good quality paper. Really good quality paper is always a must. I can't stand writing on thin paper that easily rips. Ugh so demotivating. I also got them in different sizes because I couldn't decide which size I should go for.

I keep organised by using a planner to plan out all my deadlines, lectures and other things to remember. Planners are very helpful for me to keep track of when to submit my course works, and help me not to miss lectures. (yes, because I am a really good student) I use folders to organise hand outs given out by lecturers and somewhere to keep my notes safe.

I am the type who would use a pencil case and I love using pretty ones. I got mine from Jack Wills for 3 pounds. Such a bargain. I am also the type who would always buy a block of post it notes, forget where I put them and never use it. Also, some colourful sticky bookmarks to mark important pages of books when researching. And a flexible ruler just because.

So there it is. I'll be going back to uni in a couple of weeks. Summer had to come to an end :( But Christmas is coming soon too. That's a good thing, right?

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