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2 October 2015

Photodiary: Lake District Part 5

You'll really never know what's out there if you don't explore. That's what I realised on this trip to the Lake District. After going through almost 3000 worth of pictures, I have finally picked out the best ones. It makes me feel relieved that I have finally organised and edited all the photos to keep as memories in this blog, but also I'm feeling a bit sad that I have run out of pictures to edit and use to look back to one of the most epic holidays ever. 

Here's our last days spent in Lake District. 

It involved us doing the trail that led us to streams and falls, and hiking up a crag that overlooked Ullswater. It was absolutely breathtaking. I didn't mind that the hike was so steep it almost killed me, because it was all worth it in the end. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to stop for a while and take it all in. God is amazing to have created all that majestic landscape. I got my hands up.

Resting beside the streams 

Going up the crag overlooking Ullswater

Looking over Ullswater

As if we haven't seen the most beautiful landscapes yet, we paid a visit to Castle Rig. I think I was dead at this moment. It was so breathtaking. Castle Rig was so amazing. I'll tell you now why it's amazing. First of all, because the rocks were arranged in a circle, people are saying that it can be compared to the Stone Henge. Second, Castle Rig was located in the middle of mountains. Literally, it was surrounded by mountains... nothing else. So as I stepped in the middle of the circle, I did a 360 degree turn and my jaw just dropped. My breath was taken away. It was sooo beautiful! 

After so much argument and debate whether we should push through visiting Castle Rig, it must be the best decision we've made to visit it. Although everyone was tired and just wanted to go home, we all forgot that when got to witness the hidden gem that's Castle Rig. I say it's a hidden gem because it was located in a heart of a town that didn't seem like we would find such a place there and Castle Rig was so carefully tucked away that we got lost several times before getting there.

Castle Rig

We took it easy for our last day. Especially because we had to do a 5 hour drive going back home. But we did not let the day end without a little adventure. We kayaked on England's largest lake, Lake Windermere. Although it was our first time and we didn't know how to Kayak, the gentleman hiring the boats held a mini lesson that taught us how to steer and paddle.  I loved it. I loved kayaking and being able to stop in the middle of the lake to just stare at the view. We kayaked around the lake and tried to avoid bumping to other boats, and stared at the view some more. We did this for a good hour.

After, we had a picnic at Fell Foot park and ended the day with another cup of ice cream (2 scoops) before we headed home. The most difficult and saddest part of every holiday. 

Kayaking at Lake Windermere

Fell Foot Park

Picnic and ice cream 

Lake Windermere

The ride home didn't feel like 5 hours to me. I didn't fall asleep in the car either. I was so awake trying to replay in my mind what happened for the past week I was there. I was trying to remember how every place looked, how awesome I felt and how beautiful and fun everything was. And also because I felt sad that it was over and I had to go back to reality.

The whole time, I felt like I went inside a fairytale book and got transported to a land far far away where fairies flew and animals would talk in a moment. The place and the whole experience was magical. I didn't know places like these existed, and I am just so happy to have experienced it. This experience fuelled my fire to travel and explore more. I have realised I am happiest when I am surrounded with mountains and lakes and oceans and trees. I felt so happy to be in a place that's peaceful and just be reminded of the beauty of our world. I enjoyed every hike, every drive, every mountain I've seen, every sheep. I enjoyed every day where I didn't bother to put makeup on and just be ready for an adventure. I enjoyed just being in the moment and take in all of nature has to offer. Now that's what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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