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6 November 2015

Bonfire night

It's the fifth of November and it's Bonfire night once again. This was the first time I actually participated in this celebration of Guy Fawke's failed attempt to blow up the Parliament. Every fifth of November the UK celebrates this with bonfires and fireworks that symbolise the explosives that were never used years ago. I'm glad these nights exist wherein I have an excuse to go out at night and just watch things get set on fire and explode at the sky making pretty lights.

We booked online for tickets for this Bonfire/ fireworks display night. There are a number of parks all around the UK that host these kinds of events but we chose to go to Wimbledon park, just because it was the closest to us. It was the best idea to buy prepaid tickets online because it saves the hassle of queuing up. We paid £8.80 each for adults and £6.20 for under 16s. It was pretty pricey but the fireworks show lasted for almost 20 minutes so I think it was worth it. And, we had a great night!

It rained during the day and because we were in a park, it was all muddy. My shoes were sinking to the ground! Which is a lesson learned - wellies are the safest shoes to wear every time you're going to an event at a park. There were a number of food stalls and fun fair that kept us entertained throughout the evening. The night consisted of chips with curry sauce, footlong hotdog sandwiches and candy floss while we waited for the bonfire to be lit. Then 15 minutes later after the bonfire, the fireworks were set off. People also lit up their own sparklers, some were loudly singing along with the music, families stood and watched together, and lovers kissed. It was a Thursday night well spent!

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