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11 December 2015

I know it's December and it's winter, and there is no way anywhere in England will look this sunny. But I am posting these pictures from last summer just because it shows exactly what I feel right now. Ecstatic. Relieved. Happy. 

I've been gone for a while because something happened. End of term happened. And the stress lasted for the whole month. It's those nights where I tried to do an all-nighter but then feel really tired during the day. Tried to stay awake in class and take in tons of information all at once for the exams. One thing I know for sure is that this hell month gave me eye bags and spots. 

I am so glad it's all over! At least for now. Christmas here we gooooo!!!!

I am feeling ecstatic because I'll be going home to the Philippines for the holidays. I cannot wait. Because I'll be spending Christmas on the other side of the world, my family here in London will be having an express Christmas. You know, just like what they did in an episode in Modern Family. Haha. Where we will be celebrating Christmas in advance. Have some good food and open the presents on the 12th of December!

I'll be gone for the upcoming weeks too. As I'm leaving my laptop behind and I'm sure I will have limited internet access. But I am so excited to go home and meet old friends and spend Christmas with our family like we used to. 

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