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11 January 2016


There comes a point in your life when you realise who are the people who matter the most and those who don't, and who are the people who's got your back all the time. I would not trade my family for anything. We might not be the wealthiest, well-known, and the elite kind of family, but I can tell you that we have got a lot of stories to tell, laughter to share, love for each other and nobody gets left behind in our clan. We are completely happy just being together in one house with the karaoke on, good food, a lot of laughter and a lot of noise. 

Having a massive family, with a lot of cousins in your age range means having an instant group of friends. My cousins are my squad. We play together, go places together, tell secrets to each other and hang out together. There is no competition because we share a lot of things. We have this occasional heart to heart talks where the cousins sleep over and we let it all out. Everything's just between us, there is no judgement and no information gets out of the room. These talks happen late at night until the sun rises the next day. One thing I've learned is that we all have our secrets. We're all a little broken in some ways and every one is going through personal struggles. This makes me even more thankful for each other and I appreciate the company and support I have in my cousins.

Despite the brokenness, all of us found courage, faith and wisdom beyond our years. Despite the brokenness, we still find happiness. I laugh the most when I'm with my family, and I know I can be my self and they will accept me no matter what. They can also be bullies, but they would still accept and love you anyway (they have no choice). I've also learned that they are very hardworking, supportive, strong, selfless and talented people.

Now that I've moved to London, I will miss them so much but I know that the bond we share will always be there. I know we will still be sharing jokes, stories and daily updates with each other. I know this for sure because whenever I come back home it feels like nothing changed. We would always have the best days of our lives every time we're together.

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