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27 February 2016

Never Have I Ever

Watched Star Wars                
*Cue gasps* 
Cut my hair short 
My hair has always been long as far as I can remember. The shortest it gets is just past my shoulder. I have a round face and chubby cheeks so I never consider short hair as an option. Me with a bob? Yikes.
Broken a bone 
I've gotten major wounds and sprains, but nothing drastic such as breaking a bone. I'm definitely not the athletic type who does extreme physical activities in a daily basis. So I'm not as vulnerable to injuries either. 
Gotten a tattoo 
But I want to. 
Got my nails done in a salon 
I always do my own nails, with nail art and all. I have a growing collection of nail polish.
Tried to be vegan 
I LOVE STEAK. That is all.
But I also want to. 

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