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6 March 2016


- Currently sleep deprived. Been writing essays, coursework and cramming them to make it on time for deadline submission

- Reading textbooks and revising lecture notes, because exams are in a couple of weeks. I can't find time to read just for fun. I'm missing my YA novels

- Had a mini road trip with a friend to view the city's lights

- On my way home from lectures, I randomly came across a friend from back in the Philippines. I didn't even know he was here for a holiday. It was rush hour so the coincidence was really amazing when we crossed paths in a busy tube station.

- Been going around London, from tourist areas to its dodgy outskirts. I'm appreciating this beautiful city more and more

- 2016 is going too fast. I'm nearly finished with 2nd year of uni, and (hypothetically) graduating next year. It's making me anxious. How to be an adult?

- Had roast lamb and potatoes for dinner

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