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1 April 2016


1. Ramen from Shoryu 
After a long day roaming around Central London, having been to Trafalgar square and Shoreditch, we headed to Carnaby street to grab something to eat. By nightfall, it was freezing. A hot, filling ramen was perfect to end the day.

2. Oreo Truffles  
I think baking is becoming one of my stress relievers. I have noticed that lately when I get burnt out (especially because of uni) I resort to baking to feel better.

3. Sirloin Steak with chimichurri sauce, sweet potato fries and onion rings 
It was a Sunday afternoon and almost everyone was home. My dad decided to take us all for lunch by the riverside. After a very long argument between me and my siblings on where to eat, we picked the restaurant called Cau. They served the best steak I had so far.

4. Mexican burger and mac & cheese sticks  
Me and some people from my course decided to celebrate the end of term by going out to grab some burgers from Shepherd's Bush. On our way there we stopped by the fair and went on rides and bumper cars. The place was called Amigos and they served a massive burger. I struggled fitting it in my mouth haha!

5. Lemon cake and hot chocolate
For Easter Monday, we drove to Kent to visit a castle. We somehow forgot breakfast and because our mum wasn't around, no one packed food to eat while on the road.  So the first thing we did when we arrived was go to the cafe and have some lovely cake and a warm drink

6. Rainbow Bagels with cream cheese 
We hunted these rainbow bagels down in Brick Lane. Then we hunted for street art after.

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