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8 April 2016


I don't usually go to Central London to shop because it's always so busy and almost all the shops are packed with people (especially Oxford Street on weekends). I also think that stuff are priced higher there. But during my recent trips there lately, I picked up some little things and couldn't resist but buy them even though I'm broke AF.

- Moon necklace from Topshop. It has easily become my favourite, just because of its moon pendant. It's also gold plated, dainty and minimal - my type of jewellery.

- "Anna and the French Kiss". We were walking around Covent Garden, and I was contemplating whether I should buy macarons from Laduree or spend my £15 on something else. Then I came across a book shop and bought a young adult novel instead. 

- Muji pens & drawer. I absolutely think that if I had the money, I would buy everything in Muji. Haha. But I do not have that much money, so I resorted to buying pens because I needed it the most. Also I managed to convince my self to buy the drawer that looked so clean and minimal.

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