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5 April 2016


On Easter Monday, we drove to Kent. The original plan was to visit Bodiam Castle but when we arrived, it was closed. The site had a power cut so they were not letting any visitors in. We had to think of plan B and looked for another place that was near that we can visit instead. 20 minutes drive more, we arrived at Sissinghurst Castle Garden. The castle looked unusual and the garden looked beautiful.  

I caught this couple having a stroll, linked arm by arm. So cute.

We had to halt our exploration of the place because our tummies were signalling that it was time for lunch. I ordered Jacket potato with tuna, and the others had Shepherd's pie.

I though I've seen all the garden but turned out there was a hidden one behind the castle. Flowers were everywhere. It grew all over the ground, and vines crawled up the brick walls. 

The place was quaint and adorable. Just look at this house and the trees. It made me think of what I would draw as a house and trees when I was 5. Haha 

Outside the fences that enclosed the castle and garden, there was more land to explore. There was also this lake that looked so peaceful. I noticed a lot of people would go this side, where the lake and forest were, to walk their dogs. 

Someone beautifully engraved a pretty accurate compass on the tree stump

The best part of the day probably was seeing this husky and being able to pet him. His name was Ice, and he's three. He has the softest fur and he's the cuddliest dog I've ever met. I want one.

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