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13 May 2016


I am writing this to take my mind off things, to have a break from studying before I totally fry my brain. This is a list of things that make me happy lately. Consider this as my attempt in looking at the bright sides of life, and a reminder to my self not to ignore the good things.

1. Sunny days
2. Boat Parties
3. Going to the beach
4. Picnics at the park
5. GOT Season 6
6. New clothes
7. My dad's promotion
8. Friends
9. Driving with the windows down
10. Having dance parties in my room, alone
11. Long baths
12. Visiting castles
13. Rolling down a hill
14. Trees blooming in different colours
15. Encountering good-hearted strangers
16. Volunteer work with kids

I wrote this list when I was so preoccupied with academic work, but today I took my last exam for the year.

17. Finishing 2nd year of uni  (huhu bittersweet)

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