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16 May 2016


Signing up for a National Trust membership may be one of the best decisions we've ever made. With hundreds of historical places and natural beauty under its conservation organisation all around UK, having a membership gives us so much opportunity to visit a different site every long weekend we get. Having a National Trust membership gives us free access to ancient mansions, castles, gardens and national parks. £100 have never been so worth it.

During the last long weekend, we decided to go back to Bodiam Castle since the last time we went there it was closed. 

Outside the castle, there are cafes and shops where you can buy ice cream, souvenirs and even second hand books. Every time I come across bookshops like this, I always have to come inside and have a look on what books they have available. Often times I do find a good book and don't have to pay a lot for it.

I'd like to be like this man when I'm old. Sit right across a castle, under a shade, play crossword and read a book.

Let's go inside the castle shall we?
But wait, let's feed the ducks first. 
As you can see, the castle is surrounded by moat and this has definitely been used to an advantage during battles. Enemies have to sail or cross the waters first before they can attack. Talk about strategy.

As I stepped inside the castle, it was put to life by medieval music and people in costumes. More than the ruins and the walls that's left, I tried to imagine how the rooms and halls looked like centuries ago, and how people had banquets inside the castle, how they danced in their ballgowns, and how they used it as a refuge during battles.

This particular part of the castle was the great hall, and I can just imagine the king and queen sitting on these.

These boxes contain different ways you can die (or be tortured). For example, when someone tries to rebel against the crown, he/she picks one of these boxes to know his/her fate. If they're very unlucky, they'd pick "to be boiled alive".

We also chanced upon a reenactment of a medieval celebration. Wherein a Queen, will go around this pole three times while people follow her chanting songs. After going round three times, we made a wish and tied our piece of ribbon on the pole. 
Wishes. Wishes. Wishes.

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