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30 May 2016


I would say I have a pretty strong self control for most things BUT food. It was my brother's sixteenth birthday the other day, and there were LOADS of good food that I couldn't resist. I stuffed my self full until I can barely breathe. Prior to that birthday celebration, I have also been eating so much, and the worst part is that they're not healthy food at all. I have been craving specifically for junk food and sweets. I'm starting to think it's a hormonal thing.

I started feeling so sluggish and heavy from all the rubbish I have been eating. I hate to say this but, I felt so guilty. So, when I was grocery shopping at M&S, I was driven by my guilt towards the healthy eating section, which was a rare case by the way. There was a huge range of leaves and plants, of which some of it I have no idea what they are. One of the things that caught my eye was this courgette spaghetti that was supposed to be a pasta substitute. I was thinking I love pasta, and the packaging said it was perfect with pesto sauce. I looooove pesto, so I blindingly bought it. 

Feeling positive, I went home, cooked it, ate a quarter of the whole thing and I had to force myself to swallow. I honestly didn't like it. I didn't like the texture and it diluted the sauce because it's watery. 

I cooked an actual full-on carbs pasta after and ate that instead. Haha. Then maybe a cupcake or two for dessert.

So in my attempt to be healthy today, I failed. My palette is so used to carbs and meat and salt that my palette had some kind of "taste-shock" from this particular dish, I think

One thing I have realised though is that, being healthy is a lifestyle and cannot be done in an instant. You have to have the willpower to choose what's healthy most of the time. At this point, having a plant based diet is BEYOND me. But I'll start eating more vegetables and fruits, say no to sugary drinks, avoid crisps and processed food. 

Baby steps.

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