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4 June 2016


Life lately has been so chill bordering on lazy. Haha. Well, I just finished the 2nd academic year of uni so I think I deserve a little down time after all the stressful chaos of exams and essay deadlines??? I have also been MIA on this blog because I was not having the enthusiasm to edit and write and create posts. Instead, I have been sleeping a LOT.

But hey, I'm trying to keep this blog alive. Let me share what I did last Sunday afternoon. I was intending to make just simple chocolate cupcakes to satisfy my craving. But instead, because I'm such a great baker *sarcasm*, I have unintentionally made molten chocolate cupcakes. The end product didn't quite look like a typical cupcake because it had risen too much and when you bite into the middle of it, it was molten (or just undercooked) but still tasted amazeballs.

So here's the ingredients for the cake + chocolate icing:

I have based this on an original recipe by Mary Berry aka the baking Queen from this link

I thought I followed the recipe to the tee but it turned out I did something wrong because these cupcakes looked odd. But with some icing and sprinkles, it definitely looked 10x better. It tasted so much better than it looked too!

So if you're feeling the need to bake some chocolate cupcakes as well, definitely give this recipe a try. Make sure to cream the butter and sugar properly (or just use an electric whisk), because I think this was where I went wrong. And don't over mix! Happy baking :)

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