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15 June 2016


Who is your favorite Disney character/princess/villain?

One of my many favourite Disney characters is Dory. My favourite princess is Belle, because she reads and she's smart, and don't give a damn despite of the whole town ridiculing her. So cool. My favourite villain is the Queen of Hearts from the animated Alice in Wonderland. Ironically, she's my favourite because she scares me. That character gave me nightmares when I was a kid.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Gah! I have loads!! With the lack of gadgets and technology, I had creative ways to entertain myself. But a favourite has got to be when the family comes together every Sunday, and my cousins and I will spend the whole day outside playing "patintero". We group ourselves into teams and get really competitive. The game ends when someone starts to cry.

What’s your number one priority goal for 2016?

On September I start my last year in uni. So my priority goal for 2016 is to get the best grades I can,  finish my dissertation and make sure I graduate on 2017.

Who was your first ever crush in school and what happened with that?

I remember I wasn't really into boys when I started going to school. Having crushes made me cringe, so the earliest "crush" I had that I can remember was in 6th grade. He was pretty good looking, turned out better after puberty and has a girlfriend now.

If you could have dinner with one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and what question would you ask? 

I would have dinner with George RR Martin, and ask him all about the mysteries in Game of Thrones and what he's planning to write in the next books and how it all ends.

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