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23 June 2016


I am a sucker for Young Adult novels. Whenever I get the chance to stop by a bookstore, I would always try to find a new YA book to read. At times the books start to pile up in my room, begging me to read them when I can't because I'm preoccupied with other "priorities". Summer is the time I find myself always reading for my own leisure and not feeling guilty I spent the whole day flipping pages eager to know how it all ends. 

Although I am not the biggest bookworm out there, it won't hurt to share some of my favourites right? Here they are. Three YA novels worth reading :)

1. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

This is a novel about being young and experiencing your first love. Where you feel like you just want to be together all the time, and take risks and care for each other as much as you can. It shows how the other person changes you the way others can't. I love that the characters are quirky and I love the realistic struggles they went through. It shows two people impacting each other's lives both in good and bad ways. There's laughter and pain. It definitely gave me the feels and the nostalgia. It brought me back to when I was the same age as Eleanor and Park, and thought I was in love. 

2. Looking for Alaska by John Green

Of course a John Green novel has got to be in this list. Looking for Alaska and The Fault in our Stars has got to be my most favourites from his books. But because I hated the fact they made TFIOS a movie, I'm giving more attention to Looking for Alaska. There's a bit of darkness in this book, some kind of eeriness. This is about a boy named Pudge who moved to a boarding school seeking his "Great Perhaps". Here he will meet a very mysterious, outgoing and oozing with sex appeal girl, Alaska. Pudge's life starts when he starts hanging out with Alaska and her other friends.

3. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Another book with a lot of feels!!! The characters in this novel are Violet and Theodore. They meet in their school's bell tower, both trying to jump off. But then they save each other from jumping and fall in love.  They do a lot of things together giving each other reasons to live. I have indeed learned a lot from this book. Like how we overlook the people closest to us. How sometimes we think we know a person when we really don't.

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