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8 July 2016


Hello there. Lately I have found myself reaching for particular products/ stuff that I constantly use and admire. Then think to myself, "hey, you were worth my money" and realise yeap, they're now my favourites. 

Also, I made use of my 7 day trial for Photoshop in this post. I have basic to no knowledge when it comes to Photoshop. So stop your judgements. I tried. Haha.

You wouldn't even know that these shirts were from Primark. 
I have gotten on the matte lips bandwagon, and not regretting it. Although I'm not too keen to spend a fortune on the high end ones. So I stuck with drugstore dupes and let's be honest, I'm broke. I like the NYX Lingerie the best because it's smoother and less dry than the Sleek Matte Me.

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