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10 July 2016


This is for the people who wants to go to the Wimbledon Championships with no reserved tickets, who are willing to queue up with the rest of the public to get in the grounds and watch some tennis. We have successfully queued up and got in the All Lawn Tennis Club for 3 consecutive years now, and I have some insights for you people out there who haven't been before... just in case you want to go next year. (I have written a similar post from the very first time we went here. The time I got so starstrucked by the Williams sisters)


Because you have no reserved tickets due to possibly many different reasons, you still have a chance to get in and watch some tennis in this prestigious event through THE Queue. Now, take note, because what I will tell you next is crucial. Anyone from the public can queue up and get in. So just imagine how many thousands of people come up and try to get General ad tickets on the day. 

My first tip: be there as early as you can. The earlier you get there, the closer you'll be from the front of the line. If you really want to be the first in line, you can camp there overnight, but that's too hardcore for me. Arriving at 6am is early enough. 

Don't worry if you're not a morning person, because even if you arrive a bit later (let's say at 9am) there's still a big chance you're going to get in. I think they allow 10 thousand members of the public in. Although the later you come, means less time you get to spend inside the grounds itself and less chances to see major players play.

It is not called THE QUEUE for no reason. It is a test of patience. It's The Queue because the waiting time is 3-4 hours before you can actually get in the gates. Don't freak out, it's completely normal. 

So tip no. 2: Bring picnic blankets to lie/ sit on. Something to keep you entertained while waiting, like a book, newspaper or music. People are crammed in a line, so really, you don't have much personal space while queuing up or while you're lying down on the field. But feel free to make yourself comfortable. You will eventually feel some sense of togetherness and community after sitting so close with strangers for hours. 

Also bring some food. You'll be waiting a long time, I guarantee you'll get hungry. There are food stalls available but to be honest, they're overpriced. It's better to bring your own or buy from shops outside first.


Once your section of the queue gets moving, you are nearly there. You will pass through security first... a strict one. Like airport security with scanners and everything. Then, you're off to buy the tickets and you're in!! The general ad tickets cost £20 or £25 depending on the day, and it gives you access to unreserved seats in courts 3-12.

I recommend you research who's playing in what court especially if you want to see a specific player play. This is so you can plan out which court number you're going and time manage everything so you can be in the queue to get unreserved seats before the game begins.

Because you're on unreserved seating, when you get up and leave, you cannot get that seat back. It will be given to the next person waiting outside the court. So, you either hold your pee or leave during breaks. In our case, we always watch 2 games in a row without leaving our seats.


I have noticed that there are particular food and drinks that people have whilst in this event. There's ALWAYS...

Strawberries and cream
Ice cream

There are food courts and bars inside the grounds, but honestly, you can just bring in your own picnic food and eat/ drink while watching the games.


There isn't really a required dress code in attending the tournament, but I would suggest to DRESS WELL. Just because you queued up outside for hours and couldn't afford a reserved ticket, doesn't mean you have to look like one. Go wear that sun dress and look good. 


- Remember to be in the moment. Stop staring at your phone while the game is on. There's so many people waiting outside the court just to have a seat. Don't waste yours by just staring at your mobile and not even watching the game. 

- Don't be shy to cheer and clap for your bet! Shout some "come on!" and "let's go!".

- Try to watch not only the players but also the audience sitting across the other side of the court. Watch how their heads turn side to side while the ball is being hit. IT LOOKS SO FUNNY. Makes me laugh every time.

- Have some strawberries and cream while watching. Buy a glass of Pimm's. Stop by the souvenir shop. Watch as many games as possible. Watch at different courts. Spot some celebrities. Make the most of your day and make it a good experience.

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