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25 July 2016


After all the exhaustion from uni workload and the socials cramped in one month before the academic year ended.. I seriously needed some recharging - physically, mentally and emotionally. As soon as summer started, I began sleeping for up to 12 hours each day. I have so much time in my hands. Sometimes I don't know what to do with it. I could find a part time job, but honestly during the month of June, I didn't want to get any. Some volunteer work kept me busy for at least an hour a week.

I get almost 4 months of summer this year, and I spent the first month getting back on my feet. My cycle of studying and working simultaneously got a bit too much and was making me so unhappy. That is why I decided to quit my part time job last December; and just about kept it together to finish 2nd year of uni. Now that I have no job and no academic work to worry about yet... I have been doing things that make me feel like me again. Things that make me happy; rather than things that I'm supposed to do because they're my contracted hours or because the deadline is coming.


I've been reading quite a lot. 

Like a true introvert, I have to resort to silence. Shut out the outside world and escape by living vicariously through fictional characters. 

Books I've read so far:

WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart
AFTER YOU by Jojo Moyes
(Currently reading) ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins

I've been taking walks.

Walking has become this therapy for me. Because it's summer and England's weather is actually really good this past month, I have been going for walks every afternoon. It's just so refreshing! Every time I'm feeling like my mood's changing again and I become so angry for no reason, I take a walk for an hour and sometimes more. I'll come back home a different person who's happy. Also, taking walks outside gives me a shot of inspiration and exercise. Win win.

I've been watching movies.

Watching movies will always be my favourite thing to do to unwind. Give me a movie with a cup of tea and the comfort of my bed... and I'm good. I found myself watching some indie romantic films lately. Which is very odd for me because I almost only watch horrors and thrillers.

Romantic movies I've watched:

6 Years (2015)
Like Crazy (2011)
Love, Rosie (2014)

I've been...

Aside from taking walks in  my neighbourhood, I have been wandering around London to satisfy my sudden attacks of wanderlust. I love being at home but sometimes I just have to be out there. I need to see new places and take photographs of new interesting things/places/people I find. Or else I might just go a little bit crazy.

I went into museums, parks, vintage markets, town centres, counties I've never been before.. etc.etc.etc.

These are just some of the things I have been doing lately to recharge my self and be motivated again. There are a lot of things you learn and appreciate when you're not stressing your self out. Although I haven't been jumping out of planes or climbing mountains, I have appreciated the mundane things in life, and sometimes they're just what you need to be happy.

Now I think I've been fully charged. I'm ready to start working again (just got accepted on a retail job!), meet and catch up with people!

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